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The purpose of this Association shall be to promote interest in Freemasonry, to provide greater opportunity for service and to maintain a closer relationship among the leaders of the Craft.

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All Past Masters are welcome to join the LIPMA. Once you have been installed as a Master of a recognized Lodge in the Jurisdiction you are welcome to join us.

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LIPMA Elected Officers

The LIPMA Leadership 2019-2022

The LIPMA consist of an elected President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplin, Historian and an Executive Committee, 1 Exec Committee Chairman and 3 members. All Past & Current Masters make up the voting body and are encouraged to join us for our annual meeting each year.

William Arnold


William De Benedetto
First Vice President


Praveen Anumalo
Second Vice President


Robert Licata
Third Vice President


Jeffrey Santorello

Hugh Dungey

Richard Frenz

Charles Monte

Nicholas Montanino
Executive Committe Chair

Committee Chair 2019-2020

Kevin McCauley
Exceutive Committee

Committee Member 2019-2020

Ralph Amador
Exceutive Committee

Committee Member 2019-2020

Terry Maccarrone
Exceutive Committee

Committee Member 2019-2020